Saying Yes

About a month ago, one of my favorite speakers, Louie Giglio, tweeted this:

This quote made me aware of exactly how busy I am. I am constantly checking my email, Facebook, and Twitter on my smartphone in order to stay connected to all the people in my life. Each day is filled with all these different people who constantly move in and out of my life. Friends, family, classmates, professors, coworkers, and kids are involved in every day of my life. So, how do I know that when I say “yes” to something that it is worth it? What have I already said “yes” to?  Well, I am a college student. I work part-time for a great coffee company. I work with middle and high school students on Wednesdays and Sundays, though it usually turns into Sunday through Saturday because being there for those kids has become so important to me. All of these things that I have said “yes” to are the things that have left me with “less” for other opportunities that come along. I am hoping that in the next four months, as I inch closer to graduation in December, that more things worth saying “yes” to are headed my way.