Everything Around is Breaking Down to Chaos

Today, in my social media class, we had a guest speaker who is also a recent graduate of the advertising program at UT. She told us the exciting story about how her blog basically got her a job at a top ad agency in Nashville. She said that it took about three months after she applied for jobs for her current agency to contact her about coming in for an interview. My immediate thought: STRESS! GRADUATION IN 3 MONTHS! MUST APPLY FOR JOBS NOW! After I calmed down and realized that it would not be wise to skip my last class of the day to job search, I decided to make a plan (and yes, this plan involved applying for jobs immediately).

At this point in the day, after having my advertising campaigns class (which is “the most real world experience” that UT can give us of the advertising world) and my freak out, I was feeling much like these guys from Mutemath…

Now, typically I am a very organized and punctual person, but perhaps a little bit of senioritis has set in. Perhaps all the different things I am involved in have taken over the “you actually need to graduate” part of my brain. So, I did what I always try to do when I feel stressed out: I began two lists (I am a chronic list maker). The first list was of people and things that I am thankful for, and the second list was of practical ways that I can tackle job searching. The “thankful” list is something that I have gotten into the habit of doing recently so that I keep the right perspective about life and what really matters.

A friend of mine gave me this wise piece of advice: If you take a penny and put it right in front of your eye, it looks like the biggest thing in the world to you. BUT, if you pull that penny away from your eye and hold it at arm’s length, it does not look very significant anymore.

After thinking (and blogging) about the stressful parts of today, I am now holding them at arm’s length with the proper perspective that I can handle the things that life is throwing at me.


3 thoughts on “Everything Around is Breaking Down to Chaos

  1. I am so with you on freaking out. I ran home Tuesday after class freaking out about trying to find a job. Luckily, my mom came to the rescue and reminded me that I have a great internship and steady waitressing gig. So if that means I have to waitress and work internships until the right thing comes along, that is perfectly okay. We will graduate and we will find jobs!!

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