A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? A charity called WaterAid thinks so. Yesterday, Mashable tweeted an article from its website about the nonprofit. WaterAid is based in the UK, and is currently working in Malawi to dig over 40 wells and to train over 2,000 hygiene educators. One in eight kids in this East African country dies before their fifth birthday, and many of these deaths are caused by water-related diseases. WaterAid has taken on the challenge of not only providing clean water, but also of educating the people there about germs and important hygiene information.

So what does all this have to do with pictures? Well, WaterAid and their Big Dig campaign have decided to use Instagram (@thebigdig) to document the work being done in Malawi. The UK government has promised to match each donation given to this project, so the organization wants to show, instead of tell, the world about the amazing things that clean water can do.

I typically think of Instagram as a place for people to connect through images, but I had never thought of using it as a platform for making the world aware of important events such as The Big Dig. Be a part of the conversation on Instagram @thebigdig, or on Twitter at  #thebigdig. I think this could be an effective new way to connect with people about more than our personal lives, but also about different causes like WaterAid. What an incredible, easy, and interesting way to “show and tell” the world without the traditional body of text!


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