Purely Preferences

As I start my day, I pick up my iPhone 4s to stop my alarm and check my messages and emails. I get out of bed to get ready for the day, and I check the weather. As I wait for my coffee to brew, I check Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites. And on and on the day goes…

I could bore you with details of how I use my phone, but I think you get the picture. Instead I will say that I use my iPhone constantly, and for just about anything. I love Apple products because they have never let me down (and because they are pretty). Recently, the iPhone 5 was released, and has taken some pretty heavy criticism. I looked to Mashable.com to tell me about this new product when it was released. Since then, articles like “iPhone 5 Compared with Competitors” have been published. These articles do not make the iPhone 5 look like the wonderful creation that it is, but instead they point out what is not good enough about it. To all those skeptics out there who are disappointed with the iPhone 5, I would just like to say that an iPhone can do a lot for you that other smart phones cannot.

When I find a product that is more of a help to me than a hassle, I stick with it. The iPhone is such a great help to me that I would never go back to any other brand. This is purely my opinion, but none of my Apple products have let me down, and I do not intend to use any other brand to access my daily needs like social media, my alarm, reminders, weather, phone, email, and even games. Today I choose reliability over everything else. It is purely preferences that make me want to defend this product over and over again.


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