Better Late than Never

After traveling to Nashville to visit my brother, ingesting some grass-fed beef at Burger Up, and spending some time downtown, I found myself observing those around me. It struck me that an overwhelming amount of people, many being tourists, were taking photos and using different social media platforms to share them. Though I hate to look like a tourist, I took a few photos at lunch, used PicStitch to make a collage, then tweeted the collage. Sharing photos has become a routine activity to me, especially when I am able to share something visually and in written form. I have been learning to be more concise in my writing, and I attribute that to Twitter. Yes, I give Twitter the credit for helping me improve my writing! I love photography, and when I can share a photo of something that is meaningful to me, or even just something that catches my eye, it is a challenge to describe it in less than 140 characters (because the link to the photo uses up some of those precious characters that Twitter allows).

Blogging has also allowed me to explore my writing skills. I have never been much of an eloquent speaker in person, but when I can write out my thoughts it seems to ease the difficulty of expressing exactly what I want to say. I wish I had begun blogging and tweeting earlier in life, but as they say, better late than never!

In honor of my visit to see my brother in this great city of music, I will share this great song:


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