Degrees of Separation

I came across an article and video on Mashable today called “Facebook World Map Reveals Unexpected Trends Between Friends”. The article features a video about an interactive map that shows the friendship connections of the one billion active users on Facebook. The Mashable video pointed out an interesting fact about this map. It shows the top five countries that have the most connections with the country that the user clicks on. Many countries still have strong relationships with the countries that colonized them such as the United States and the United Kingdom. I am currently taking a world civilizations class, and the most recent lectures have focused on the “scramble for Africa”, or the fight for African lands by the greatest powers of the world at that time. Those countries believed that in order to be a great power in the world, and to have great influence, they must claim as much land as possible. It struck me that even though the majority of the colonizing countries treated the natives of their colonies horribly, those lands still have strong connections with those colonizing countries today. No matter what, people are connected- even through evil acts such as slavery. What does this say about our relationships with the people within our own lives? Are we willing to forgive and move on? Maybe that is a discussion for next time…


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