Leaders and Tweeters

Mark Schaefer tweeted a blog post today titled “Do Non-Profit Leaders need to be great tweeters?” by Niceworknj. The blog gives advice to non-profits about different ways to tweet successfully. I would love to work full-time for a non-profit, so this information was a great way to study examples of tweets from all types of non-profits. The screenshot below is from Salvation Army of Newark’s Twitter account:

This tweet seeks to make its followers aware of a power outage, but doubles as a method to get followers talking about the event and Salvation Army by adding the “Salvation Army” hashtag, along with the local branch “Team Newark” hashtag.

So, do non-profit leaders need to be great tweeters? Yes. “Twitter is an excellent tool to connect, inform, inspire and share conversations with constituents and stakeholders” (Niceworknj). Twitter is about connecting and interacting with followers. Using it purposefully will not only increase awareness of an organization, but it will also connect people with the organization and hopefully get them involved in the community through the organizations they are following.


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