Home Sweet Home

Home. Most people have one of these. Me? I’m not so sure. My university is in my home town, but “going home” does not feel the same as it did when I began college a few years ago. As graduation draws near, I find myself getting anxious about where I will end up living and working in just a few months from now. Part of this could be from moving around so much as a college student. From dorm rooms to apartments to rental houses, I have not lived in one place for a long period of time since I lived at home in high school. One place that I have considered working is a large city far from my home town. I would live in a smaller town about 30 minutes from this place, so working from home would probably be incorporated into my new job (whatever that new job may be). I began thinking about the increasing amount of people who work from home. My mom is a professor so she does some work at home such as grading papers, but many of my friends also do work at home outside of their offices. So, I went searching for information about how common it is to work from home. I found the following infographic on Mashable:

How cool is that? Working from home used to be considered a negative thing, and it definitely can be if all you do at home is work. It can save you a lot of money, gas, and time, however, and can even help you eat healthier! Whether or not I end up moving to that big city or not, I will keep this graphic in mind when considering jobs.


One thought on “Home Sweet Home

  1. I never thought about all the benefits of working from except that I could possibly sleep later. I like the fact that I could potentially save money. I would just have to find a way to keep myself productive.

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