Building Relationships with Social Media

Two posts ago I wrote about an article that gave several examples of ways that non-profits can successfully use Twitter to gain more interaction between their organizations and the people in their community.

As I have expressed in earlier posts, I dream of working for a non-profit organization some day, and I am always on the lookout for ways to increase interaction with organizations in my community. So when I came across this tweet, I had to share it:

This is the official Twitter account for the Habitat for Humanity Organization, not a local branch, but the organization is using Twitter to interact with people who are interested in Habitat all over the world.

The key to successful non-profit organizations like Habitat is not just funding, but it is volunteers. That is why I get so excited when I see non-profits engaging with people like Habitat did through this live chat. Social media is an exciting way to get people involved with any organization because many people are already on social media, so meeting them where they are to show them that the organization is willing to interact with them can make a great impact.


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