We Are the Future

The headline “Teen Takes Educators to Twitter School” caught my eye on Mashable today. The article is written about a 15-year-old girl named Adora who spoke at an educational conference in front of 3,000 educators in Austin, Texas this month. This teen has also spoken at Mashable Connect, and has given a Ted Talk – all before the age of 16. The positive response that she received from her audience (on Twitter), exemplifies educators who see the importance of not only listening to their students, but also continually updating their teaching methods by educating themselves:

This semester especially I have been told by my professors that my generation has something that older generations do not have: social media knowledge and skills. This knowledge gives us an edge in the professional world. Recently, I have been working with a local non-profit on developing a social media plan, and I quickly learned that social media is a foreign language to those who have not grown up with it or need it in their jobs. Though they seem like just another normal part of my life, I hope that these “special skills” that I have will help me in the work world.



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