How Pinteresting…

I used to think Pinterest was silly, but after joining (and spending many hours pinning things), I realized that it can be a very useful platform to use as a resource. After getting through the honeymoon phase (Pinterest Honeymoon Phase: the first few weeks of having a Pinterest account during which you pin ALL. THE. TIME.), I began using Pinterest as a resource for recipes, crafts, and other things that were easier to find on Pinterest than Google. Most of the people that I follow on Pinterest are friends and family, but I follow a few strangers that I have come to recognize as particularly skilled pinners. Here are some examples of great resources I found on Pinterest:

This blog, called The Nest Effect, has great organizational advice, especially when it comes to organizing your finances and making sure you stay on budget.








As a graphic artist, I’m always looking for creative new fonts to try. This website has some great ones!






This is a watermark t-shirt made with Elmer’s glue and fabric dye – it really works! I made a purple one that I am quite proud of. This website has lots of other crafty ideas for kids, home, and parties.








So, whether I have convinced you of Pinterest’s greatness or not, check it out to see for yourself!


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