Too Much of a Good Thing

As an Advertising student, social media is a huge part of not only my personal life, but my college and future career. Certain people in the School of Advertising are even pushing for the social media class I’m currently enrolled in to be a mandatory part of the Advertising curriculum. Social media is the fastest growing form of technology in history, and it is an enormous resource of all types of news. Hurricane Sandy is the greatest and most recent example of how social media is becoming a necessary way for people to communicate. I posted about Sandy a few days ago, and even recommended a few Twitter accounts to follow for information about how the restoration process is coming along, and how you can help.

I could talk all day long about the great things that social media has done, but can there be too much of this good thing? Social media can be a distraction, even for those whose job it is to keep track of certain accounts. When I took a look at Mashable today, an article titled “Social Media Distractions Cost U.S. Economy $650 Billion” caught my eye. Check out this infographic about how social media can be a distraction:


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