The Quiet Giant

This semester I discovered a great resource for anything I could ever want or need to know as I began two separate campaigns for two different Advertising classes- one for Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt, and the other for Doritos Crash the Super Bowl. This resource is called SlideShare. From discovering target markets involving moms, to learning about the demographics of filmmakers, SlideShare has it all. And, just in case you are wondering, it has other topics that are relevant to you! So, what is SlideShare? It is a website with endless amounts of slideshows on almost any topic. You can upload your own PowerPoint presentations, or look for information on the slideshows that are uploaded by others. SlideShare even has a paid “Pro” version that businesses can use at a different level than individuals. I did not realize, however, how much SlideShare is used by people all over the world until I happened across an infographic about it on Pinterest. The pinner referred to SlideShare as the “YouTube of professional resources”. I have a slight obsession with infographics, perhaps because I am a designer, and I think that this one gives some valuable information about this incredible resource called SlideShare:

So next time you need to know something, check out this “Quiet Giant”.


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