Giving Back Through Social Media

In Advertising we learn that brands have relationships with their customers, and that we should always be thinking of how to engage consumers with the brand we are representing. I believe that social media has made the process of building relationships with consumers even easier. Consumers already use social media, so why not go where you know that they are already spending time? Today I was catching up on Mashable and noticed an article that gave links to the 40 Essential Mashable Stories You May Have Missed in 2012. Well apparently I missed an essential story in July called Viral Philanthropy: The Impact of Crowdsourced Compassion. This article talks about many different causes that have been able to raise more than enough money to support projects or people who need it using social media. Slava Rubin, founder and CEO of Indiegogo, a crowdfunding site said, “I think we’ve moved from a world of transactions to a world of relationships.” I agree with Slava because social media has changed the way that people talk to each other, the way that they interact with each other when they are not spending time together in person, and the way that they connect with causes that they believe in. Here are a couple of examples of campaigns from Indiegogo:

Check out Indiegogo’s latest campaigns to help a cause that you believe in!



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