Social Musicians

My brother and several of my friends play the guitar, so when I came across a Mashable article about Soundslice, I had to share it. Soundslice is a new way for musicians to learn songs. Instead of tediously studying a YouTube video or downloading a tab to learn a song, musicians can now use Soundslice to view the YouTube video with the tab, all in one place. It looks a little like this:


The song can even be played at half speed without changing the pitch. When asked if Soundslice could become a social network, the creator said, “It can become a commons for user-generated musical annotations and transcriptions,” he says. “At the moment, social interaction is very limited — you can see other people’s annotations and see all the other videos they’ve annotated and that’s it. But obviously, there’s a ton of potential to do more.”

The creator, Holovaty, also envisions a paid version of Soundslice for musicians who want higher quality, or the ability to upload their own videos without having to rely on YouTube. He also sees a educational version in the future. So, whether you are a musician or not, it is interesting to see technology change in a way that helps people improve at whatever their passions may be. In honor of all this YouTube talk, check out one of my favorite songs by The Beatles:


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