Since acquiring Instagram, Facebook has made some changes to the rapidly growing social media platform. As a photo sharing social network, Instagram is based on visuals. So when it introduced Instagram Badges, the social site hoped to help brands and individuals market their Instagram profiles along with the other sites (Twitter, Google+, and Facebook) that are currently using badges. When adding an Instagram badge, several images are available as the button that will appear as the badge:

Insta Badge J

Once you have added a badge to your blog or website, it will show up like this example from Mashable:

Instagram Badge J

Instagram is growing as a source of branding for individuals, but it is becoming increasingly popular among brands. Companies know that their consumers respond to visuals, so what better way to appeal to them, as well as informing them about products, than through photos available to them anywhere? So decide for yourself if Instagram badges are an improvement on this visual platform, and while you decide, enjoy some of my most recent Instagram photos:

 Insta3                                             Insta2

Insta1                                              Insta4



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