The Plastics Revolution

Instagram is all about still photos, right? Or is it? An Indie band from Mexico, The Plastics Revolution, has shown that Instagram can be used for more than just still shots. The band has created a stop-motion music video for their song “Invasión” using photos they filtered through Instagram. Using 1,905 still shots, the photographer then put the stills together to create this vintage-inspired music video:

Nicely done, isn’t it? Perhaps the underwater shots were not taken with an iphone, but the capability to run any photo through Instagram, whether or not it was taken with the app, makes this video not only possible, but successful. Personally, I love the look of Instagram filters. It could be my love for vintage items, or just the historic look that the photos take on when using the filters, but either way, this method is a creative way to show the band’s music to the world while adding visual interest with the stop-motion method and the filtered still shots. What will you do with Instagram today?